About me

Hi! I am Maryna.

I write about Electropop music genre. This is not a common music preference for me, as I am an indie music fan. Can I be converted?

I am a Public Relations student at Niagara College who came to Canada from Ukraine. Got my Bachelor’s degree at home and decided to continue education here.

While studying in Ukraine, I have worked part-time as a PR intern for marketing bureau, as a mystery shopper for the network of pharmacies, and as a marketing specialist assistant for the insurance company. I wrote an article “Current state of PR industry in Ukraine” that was later published by my university.

My hobbies:

  • Travelling is fun.
  • Dancing, especially jazz.
  • Reading, mostly prose  (classical literature and myths, historical novels, British literature, science fiction).
  • I write small stories, but I am not ready to show them to anyone but family and close friends yet.
  • I like to walk a lot.

Pottermore says I’m a Hufflepuff.

I am driven by success. It inspires me and gives me strength to set and achieve new goals. I want to be involved in Arts and Entertainment after I graduate.

It’s a pity music isn’t playing in the background every time something cool happens.

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