Something´s coming, maybe this is magic

Today I would like to recommend you to go listen to an amazing singer/songwriter known as Aurora. Aurora Aksnes is a nineteen years old artist from Norway, who currently occupies the tops of Norwegian music charts and is often mentioned in various articles devoted to music as a young breakthrough.

It was 2012 when the singer/songwriter was discovered. Aurora uploaded a personal song onto Norwegian Soundcloud. The track was originally written to be a Christmas present for her parents, but it was quickly found by a music agent.

Althogh her role models are Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, the singer/songwriter is often compared to Björk because of the unique, almost childlike sound of her vocals. In her interviews to popular music magazines, she calls herself  “a dreamer and a thinker.” This can be traced through her compositions as there is a fragility, sensitivity, but also maturity in her music.

Aurora produces her music following her own “Something´s happening, something´s coming, maybe this is magic” formula. The singer explains that the formula is called this way because everything that surrounds Aurora is potantially her source of inspiration.

Northern European Electropop is known for its dark and melancholic, even distinctly fairy-tale vibe. Aurora’s debut album, which was released worldwide on March 11, 2016, is called All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend. It fits wonderfully into the dark pop subgenre.

With platinum-blonde hair and an angelic accent, Aurora Aksnes successfully conquers the Electropop genre. She also performs Indie pop and Synthpop.

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