I just can’t get enough

In the last post we were discussing the origins of Electropop and a little bit of its predecessor – Synthpop. I was very excited to learn more about both genres. When I started to understand them better, I was surprised there was no mention of one of the most outstanding and unique bands – Depeche Mode.

I hadn’t known the band’s genres before, but I heard a lot of their songs. Reading about Electropop made me think that Depeche Mode produced Synthpop and Electropop tracks, at least in the past.

There are fans of Depeche Mode among my friends, and seeing no mention of them while searching, made me feel a little weird. I knew something was missing, and after I made more effort I was finally pleased with the result. I found proofs!

The band is mentioned in various articles, but not very often. Their early pieces, mostly those produced in 80s and 90s, are considered to be Synthpop by some experts and Electropop by others.

Also, I found an article from Classic Music Magazine. It is a part of its Q Special Edition and is called “Depeche Mode and the Story of Electropop”. This printed edition and dates back to 2005. It was available for purchase on Amazon for some time.

I actually grew up on Depeche Mode songs. All thanks to my dad and his taste in music. Listening to their early tracks made me feel a little nostalgic, but in a good way.

Fascinating how you start doing something new and it brings you back to the past.

Do you know the feeling when you are in that mood when you listen to one particular song on repeat all day long? My personal favourite Depeche Mode song is “Just can’t get enough,” and yesterday it was my song on repeat.

Which is yours?


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6 responses to “I just can’t get enough

Enjoy The Silence for sure! Not the remastered version. And I like the original 1990 music video with their frontman walking around in mountains.

I’m a big fan of music. I love hearing about how genres and sounds have developed over the years. This blog is so interesting to me!

A true music lover you’re.. I can say. you have a good knowledge of music and It is seen through your blog..Great posts..

People are People is another Depeche Mode song that is high on my list. My mom is one to jam out to their music.

This post reminds me of my dad playing Depeche Mode’s Music for the Masses album during my childhood. I love the blog and the idea of exploring a music genre in depth – I look forward to your next post 🙂

Just can’t get enough is a classsssic!!! Such a upbeat song!

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