How did Electropop appear?

Even though I listen to Electropop a lot these days, I still find myself driven to its history and origins. Today I would like to discuss the material of a couple of articles I’ve recently read.

At first there was a Synthpop genre. It originated from the English post-punk era of 1970s. Synthpop was influenced and developed through such incredible artists as Roxy Music, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, and bands, such as The Human League, New Order and Soft Cell. They were amongst the first who began to use synthesizers in pop music.

Synthesizers later replaced various traditional rock instruments, including guitar, bass and drums, with their electronic equivalents. This is where the lyrics and the overall composition started to be more complicated. The replacement of instruments led to commercial success of new compositions, as they became a part of the pop genre, which has always been the mainstream.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Gary Numan from England was named the first and true innovator who started the trend of Electropop music back in early 1980s.  He found interest in synthesizers and decided to replace old instruments with them, to make the sound different.

After reading the articles I immediately remembered about Depeche Mode, who have a lot of songs that fall under the Synthpop genre, as well as some that could be, in my opinion, categorized as Electropop. I will talk more about them in the next post!

I believe that to understand the genre one should look back to its origins. Now I feel much more confident talking about Electropop, as I’ve learned a little about Synthpop too.

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14 responses to “How did Electropop appear?

Great post! I am also a huge music lover, so I always appreciate learning about different types of music I have yet to discover. Can’t wait to learn more.

I’ve never thought about electropop as a genre until this post, thanks Maryna! Any other recommendations?

You mention so many great artists. I can remember when this music first started coming out. It was looked upon as rebelling against rock and roll. Great memories.

Thank you for sharing it with us, Marina! It’s very educational for me since I have some musical education and I am very interested in music.

I never know that about electropop and synthpop. What fascinating origins. Thank you for furthering my musical knowledge!

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