Never have I ever

I’ve never listened to Halsey before. Some of my friends recommended me to listen to her debut studio album “Badlands” when it came out in 2015. But I didn’t do it at that time.

I started to learn about Halsey nearly a week ago. She is an American singer-songwriter whose music is in trend now. Having read some of her interviews,  I can tell that she has her own philosophy and style. The sound of her music is unique and different from other Electropop artists that I’ve already listened to.  The lyrics of Halsey’s songs are deep and meaningful.

The idea of her debut studio album is quite uncommon and creative. Halsey mentioned that the name “Badlands” came to her out of nowhere. She later said that the album is set in the future (50 to 100 years from now) where our society becomes dystopian.

Her main target audience is definitely young adults. The proof for that can be found in many of her interviews, as well as in her songs. Once the singer-songwriter even mentioned that she mostly writes about sadness, love and sex.

After listening to “Badlands,” my personal top five favourite Halsey songs are:

When I decided to listen to Electropop music I honestly wasn’t expecting that it could be that thought-provoking. The word I used when I first wrote about this genre was “playful”. Now, when the genre starts to reveal itself to me, I’m constantly thinking about how many fascinating singers are still out there for us to explore.


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9 responses to “Never have I ever

Very nice post, I really like Halsey’s voice. I second with your top 5 favourites.

Halsey is such a diverse and thought-provoking musician! It’s interesting to me that you mention that the depth of her lyrics is not typically found in electropop music. I loved Badlands. I also recommend listening to her song “Trouble” from an earlier EP. It’s not electropop, but it’s still great 🙂

Hi Tandi,
Thanks for your recommendation! I just listened to “Trouble” and I love the lyrics and the sound.

Interesting history behind Hasley. Never knew the history. Great job. I am going to listen to the songs that you have listed

I love listning to songs from Halsey and my favorite is Hurricane from her.

OMG, I love her song gasoline! Great post and your blog layout is so beautiful.

I came to know of Halsey after the song ‘closer’ and loved her voice. Your top 5 suggestions helped me to find her personal ‘bests’ to add to my collection. Thanks a lot 🙂

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