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Before we dive into Electropop completely, I wanted to share my findings with you. Electropop is a music genre that consists of electronic music and pop music. It uses the special type of synthesizers with low frequencies, which is its distinctive feature.

Electropop has become famous and has started to influence people in 1980s. Today, in 2010s, it has seen the peak of its popularity.

The songs are usually written to entertain. They have simple but catchy lyrics. Sometimes, they can be categorized as dance musical pieces, although there is a huge BUT. Electropop differs from electronic dance music! More importance is given to its lyrics and their meaning, while danceability is not that significant.

I believe that this is the type of music that once you’ve heard the song for a couple of times you will be singing it all day. True story, I’m the living proof.

I began my acquaintance with Electropop by listening to a collaboration of Lisa Saunders, Canadian vocalist and keyboardist, and Liv Mircea, UK-based Romanian producer. Together they are known as Ashes and Dreams. I listened to their song called “Happy Ending” , and it is super addicting! Can’t get it out of my head since Monday. And I love it!

I was planning to start listening to 1980s performers first, but that didn’t happen. I blame YouTube and fate, because the first gladly suggested this particular music to me and the second is, apparently, the reason I clicked at it.

How did I find out it is Electropop? I went on Reddit to be sure.




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5 responses to “Volume One

Indeed ‘Happy Ending’ track is a good one! I like the claymation too! goes well with the tempo 🙂 Well written!

Maryna, I must say that I don’t listen to Electropop music at all. However your passionate on the subject really shines through and it’s great to read about your journey discovering new artists and explaining the genre.

I have never listened to electropop before reading this blog post but your passion for the genre intrigued me to listen. I listened to a few songs and they are not bad at all! Great blog.

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