Let me tell you something…

I’m a very stubborn person and tend to be conservative in my music tastes. A lot of my friends have been suggesting to try something new for quite some time. And I’m finally ready for this. Better late, then never.

I did some research. It seems that electronic music has recently become extremely popular. According to Nielsen data, electronic music is favoured amongst both men (55%) and women (45%), who are 18-24 years old and have a middle income. That’s why I chose to explore Electropop, as it is in trend now. The genre is also lively and has some playfulness to it, so I’m sure I will enjoy it.

Music is the catalyst to my creativity. I hope that listening to these new genres will help me blast creative ideas.

By the way, have you ever listened to a particular music track and projected it on your life? Because I did. I tend to associate music pieces with different life situations.

I’ve always loved music. It inspires me to make life choices. Hopefully, the good ones. And I sometimes write small stories that are based on my dreams. I usually write them down while listening to the music I like.

Surely, my love for music, stories and dreaming is what brought me to the idea of creating this blog.  “Symphony of life” is not a random name. The meaning is simple: music IS my life, and I am ready to explore its different angles. I’m going to write about my impressions and opinions here.  We will explore Electropop genre together.

The journey begins. Are you with me?

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5 responses to “Let me tell you something…

Hi Maryna!
What a great blog topic. I too love music and it has always played a huge role in my life. It’s important to expand our horizons and listen to other genres. Never know when we might actually enjoy it!

I agree! I always look forward to listening to a wide variety of music, you never know, the weirdest of them could appeal to you!
Awesome blog!

Indeed! I am so glad I started to listen to something completely new. Thanks for your comments.

Hi Maryna, I have similar perspective about music. I believe that music satisfies our souls.
By the way, electronic music is an interesting start to explore different types of music!

Hi Maryna,
Very interesting blog topic, I really enjoyed reading your posts but this one in particular. I am also very similar to you in the sense that I am very conservative in my music choices, and do not always like listening to what is trending.

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